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Guardian Program

Thank you for your interest in our guardian program.  We would love to have unlimited dogs at our home to be apart of our breeder program, but we want each dog to have the time and attention it deserves.  This is where the guardian program comes into play.  You have the opportunity to receive a wonderful Australian Labradoodle puppy, the "pick of the litter" and help our program grow to share these puppies with more families!  We look for very specific qualities when holding a puppy back for breeding purposes, they are chosen for their outstanding temperaments, health, and beauty.  To be considered for a guardian home, you have to fill out a application and have an interview to ensure that you meet all of the criteria.   

You will be responsible for pet care costs and in lieu of  the full purchase price, I retain sole rights to breeding the dog.  I cover all costs related to breeding, and I whelp and raise the puppies in my home.  If you have a female you will need to bring her to my home for a few days so I can breed her when she is in heat after she turns one year old.   Then she will return to your home for approximately 60 days.  A few days before her due date, you will need to bring her to my home where I will help her whelp her litter.  She will remain with me to nurse the puppies until they are weaned around five to six weeks old, then you can bring her back home to you.  I retain the right to breed her up to four times over the span of about four years.  When she has finished her breeding career around four years old, I will arrange to have her spayed and she will continue to enjoy being your pet forever.  

If you have a male, the time he is away from your home is more limited.  Typically you will bring him to my home where he will stay for a few days to honeymoon with a female, then he will return to you. Or you might need to bring him to my vet's office if we do artificial insemination.  When he has completed his breeding career typically around seven years old, I will arrange to have him neutered and he will continue to enjoy being your pet forever.  Male dogs can breed as early as around eight months old.  He might be used for breeding a couple times or several times each year, depending on the needs of my program.  During this time, your boy will need to be constantly kept safe from escaping to find a girlfriend if one is available to him in the area.

Most females come into heat once every six months or about two times each year, with the first heat typically occurring around five to seven months old.  She will be bred for the first time after she turns one year old, and approximately every six months after that depending on her cycle.  She may have up to four litters before she is spayed at around five years old. When your female is in heat you need to keep her safe from straying males.  Each heat cycle lasts two to three weeks and I will tell you what to expect during this time.  

In exchange for one of the wonderful dogs, you agree to complete the following needs:

- Be available to bring your dog to me - often with very short notice - to my home in Hawesville for breeding purposes.
- Be available to take your dog to multiple vet appointments - often with short notice - for breeding purposes.
- Cover basic pet costs related to owning a dog including annual vaccines, deworm, fleas, grooming, training, boarding, etc. 
- Cover pet costs related to emergency medical treatment or other unforeseeable issues while in your care.
- Purchase an ID tag with your name and cell number and keep this on the dog's collar at all times.
- Feed a human grade premium dog food that I approve of.  Keep your dog at a healthy weight. Feed prenatal vitamins, etc
- Ensure your dog is safely restrained at ALL times and never allowed to roam freely.  
- Be available to accommodate my schedule when I need to take the dog for breeding purposes or veterinary tests. 
- Do basic obedience training with your puppy including crate training.  Remember your dog is a reflection of my program.
- Be aware of special needs when puppies join homes with young children and/or existing pets.
- Keep the dog well groomed. 
- Send me updated photos of the dog for my website, and allow me to borrow the dog as needed for photo shoots.
- If you have a boy, you understand potential behaviors of a non-neutered male including mounting and marking.
- If you have a girl, you will watch for signs and contact me the FIRST day of each heat cycle so I can prepare to breed her.
- Keep me informed of any issues that arise, concerns, comments, or needs regarding the dog. 
- If your circumstances change and you cannot keep your dog, you will return the dog to me.
- Understand the dog is property of Jellybelly's Australian Labradoodles until spayed or neutered.
- Understand the value of your dog purchased as breeding stock is $10,000.

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